Billy's 1967 Shelby GT500

Billy J. Gilbert Memorial Award

  • 2006 winner: Rick Campbell
  • 2007 winner: Junior Anderson
  • 2008 winner: Dave McManus
  • 2009 winner: Kevin Gibson
  • 2010 winner: The Volunteer Staff - Carl Blackwell, Jessica Calvert, Rick Campbell, Peg Campbell, Brittany Campbell, Bill Carter, Bob Coulston, Jane Coulston, John Craighead, Jim Cunningham, Tom Dillman, Joyce Dillman, Roger Dohm, Barb Dohm, Terry Engle, Brenda Fox, Kevin Gibson, Kelsey Gibson, Mayme Gilbert, Gabrielle Gilbert, Grant Gilbert, Grace Gilbert, Linda Gosman, Brandi Grandison, Susie Gurunian, Kim Kaler, Tim Kaler, Tammy Lemmer, Jerry Likens, Teri Matthews, Dana Matthews, Cindy Mills, Kelly Moran, Alisha Nix, Jordan Nix, Dave Quinn, Kessa Roeder, Alan Stroh, Cindy Stroh, Jerry Sullivan, Mike Wain, Katy Westell and Marlene White.
  • 2011 winner: Tom Dillman
  • 2012 winner: Garry's pastor, Chris Philbeck

But Not Forgotten

Billy J. Gilbert

This is a very special award for me to hand out each year in the memory of my father. Billy Gilbert was not only my father, but he was my best friend. We did what seemed like everything together from showing cars to drag racing or just going out for a quick bite to eat. He was, not only in my opinion but several others, a great man.

I now own his 1967 Shelby GT500. When I drive and/or show this car, I feel like he is beside me again. In giving out this award each year, I try to pick someone that has gone over and above in helping others. This person is someone that would remind me of my father in some way, shape, or form.